What is Advocacy?

There are two action platforms of UNA-USA: Advocacy & Education

Advocacy is defined as action that speaks in favor of, recommends, supports or defends a given position.

Members of UNA-USA advocate U.S.government policies and practices that support the United Nations as a vital institution for peace and international security. UNA-USA members encourage the U.S. to support and reinforce U.S. positive leadership in international affairs and

The Advocacy Agenda is set by the UNA-USA National Council in consultation with 120 chapters across the U.S.

Why do we Advocate?

The United Nations Association-USA is the only non-governmental membership organization whose mandate advocates and educates on behalf of the United Nations.

What are UNA USA National Priorities?

1. UN Funding

2. Global Humanitarian Crisis and Refugees 3. Climate Action

4. Gender Equality, Women’s Rights

5. Peacekeeping

6. Human Rights

7. Human Trafficking

8. International Treaties/Conventions

9. Sustainable Development Goals

UNA Marin Chapter Advocacy

Our Advocacy Mission for Marin Chapter:

Foster knowledge of and community support for the mission of the U.N. while empowering chapter members to engage with the U.N. related goals which they feel most passionate about.

Our Advocacy Objectives for Marin Chapter:

1. Increase visibility of the United Nations and its mission within Marin county.

2. Build strong and consistent ties with elected representatives.

3. Foster partnerships with community organizations that are working towards the missions that the U.N. is involved in.

4. Educate chapter members on how to effectively organize to garner support for the U.N. in their local communities and the state/federal level.

5. Collaborate with other UNA chapters on applicable projects.